Saturday, March 19, 2011




Life is all about motion-
Its all about moving on with happiness,moving out of sadness and moving upto the success.In photography we try to capture these moments.The exact time frame,binding it in our camera's peephole.But,the world doesn't stop turning just because we captured a still in our camera.It lives beyond that photograph.Living,breathing and in motion.Here ,I have tried to capture 'that' motion,the surge of the moment.The multiple activities going on in one single second,in one single place.I have tried to capture that frame,where even stills ,start moving .Trying to break the staticness and mindset of still photography by capturing 'STILL IN MOTION'.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Protecting Innocence-
A NGO in kurla,is working for the poor and slum area children,providing them with free primary education.Thanks to them,the innocence of these children is still intact.
I have tried to capture here the varying moods of the child-mischief,shyness,seriousness,laughter and emotions.
The classic black and white gives the picture more life and depth as opposed to the colour.This Shoot is all about preserving the timeless innocence by capturing them.


I got to see drama,colours,traditions,food,glamour,celebrations and expressions,when I attended a Big Fat Marwadi Wedding.
Blushing bride,double layer make up aunties,suitbootwale uncles,beautiful and smart salis,lofar and natkhat devars, all were surrounding me,which help me to capture the essence of the whole wedding through making and documentation.
Bhaath Ceremony-
Her beloved mamaji present bride with 'Shagun' as he will shower her with gifts.

Engagement Ceremony-
Celebrate has couple exchange rings and love.

Haldi Ceremony-
The tradirion ever so important so that bride glows on her special day.

The Final Touch-
An hours of make up and styling to the bride since all eyes are on her in the evening.

Dulhe De Bharat-
Arrival of the grooom's Family and guest in a royal appearance.

Wedding Ceremony-
Making vows that will last lifetime.