Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mandar Parab

    About me
     Mandar Parab born in Mumbai,India 1988.He first delved 
       into photography while doing commercial arts (B.F.A),since 
    photography was his elective .Mostly places and people 
documentation is what he was engaged in  while shooting
and later became his professional career.He is freelance 
documentary and commercial photographer. 
Photography is his way of living and thinking.Portraits,wedding,
candid ,photo essay and street photography are some of 
his favourite subjects Photography is his way 
of knowing different people,lifestyle,cultural 
and being one of them while shooting them in beautiful frames.

Parichay weds Rekha

When the vibrant pahadi of north India married the serene and calm malyali of south India, the destination had to be where their romance blossomed - Goa!
An intimate couple shoot on the beautiful beaches of Goa and a cross-cultural wedding as the north and the south came together in all the festivities were the highlights of this assignment. The location with its warmth and energy tripled the excitement in the wedding party making it memorable for everyone present.
copy by-Sukhada Apte