Friday, April 1, 2011

Black & White Horse

The rampart row street which was mundane and bland with daily activities start sizzling with stalls,colourful hawkers ,enticing manmade structures,exhibits, culture and art everywhere, when the KALA GHODA art festival came to life once again. It is a welcoming roof for art, the artists and their lovers. With infinite performances and exhibits, lot of photographers are seen here eagerly trying to get some great clicks and I was one of them. I spent full 6-7days there hunting for more pictures and just fell in love with them as they captured the candid beauty, culture, dance and the spirit of the festival which I felt around.

The People-
You come across interesting people out here. There is foremost – The Artist- performers, entertainers and list goes on as the variation in art you get to see here.Then come, the connoisseurs of art – people with this and that going on for them, people who don’t care about how they look but do care what they look at, people who are “doing their bit for the arts” and the “look-at-me-I’m-so-good” category who think they themselves are a piece of art and the general category who really come to see the show.All in all a wonderful crowd at the festival only enriches its glamour and status.

Dance to entertain. Dance to live. Dance to showcase your cultural roots. Dance for that applause and dance for your own happiness. This what dance form appears to be in Kala ghoda fest. Every evening it comes forth with the fusion of salsa and kathak , jive and bharatnatyam and many more. The masters of various dance form perform for you and take your breath away.

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